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Search Engine Optimization Training – 8 Actions to Take

If you want free traffic from search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and others, you need to able to handle search engine optimisation skills very well. Gone are the days when anyone could rank a website on first page of Google within a week, search engines have been inundated with such high volume of fresh contents on daily basis. The competition is so huge, that ranking has become nearly impossible especially for beginners. Understanding basic search engines ranking technique will make you have a chance at ranking higher. below are some critical procedures to follow should you want your page higher on Google and Bing search engines.

Identify a Niche Market

A market can be defined as a group of people who share a common interest or activity. Golf, for example is a market. A niche is a subset of the overall market focused on a more specific topic, like putting. A micro niche will take this process further, it is a niche of a niche. In our example it could be putting instruction, putters or putting training devices. To gain a high ranking in the search engines it is more productive to identify a micro niche to focus on.

Perform Keyword Research

Keywords are the words or phrases that members of a market type into the search engine to find information about their specific interest. You need to perform keyword research to identify those words or phrases that apply to the micro niche you are exploring. You choose keywords for your niche that have the right balance between number of searches and competition for those search terms.

Analyze the Competition

To get an acceptable amount of traffic a website needs to get a first page ranking with the search engines. Only 10 websites appear on the first page. So a profitable keyword will have a level of competition that would allow a first page ranking to be earned. There are 2 types of competition; 1) the amount of websites competing for a keyword and 2) the strength of the competition. Too many websites competing for the same keyword will make it extremely difficult to earn a first page ranking. Even a keyword with a smaller level of website competition may not be profitable if the page 1 websites are extremely strong.

Plan and Build a Website/Blog

When designing a new website or blog you should take into account search engine optimization from the beginning. Your design should be keyword rich as it pertains to your micro niche. The domain name should contain the keyword, this is critical for earning a high ranking.

Create Relevant Content

Your content must address the search terms that the market member types in. If your keyword is putting instruction, but your content focuses on the broader market of golf, you will frustrate your visitors by not offering relevant content. The search engines will also analyze your content to measure how well it matches your keywords. If your content is not relevant you will not rank high.

Build Back Links

Back links are an important consideration for the search engines as they determine how to rank your website. Simply, a back link is created any time that another website links to your website through click-able words (anchor text). The more relevant back links that send visitors to your website the higher your ranking will be in the search engines.

Practice Market Leadership

To be successful long term you need to build market leadership. You and/or your website needs to be viewed as an expert in the micro niche. You create market leadership by producing relevant content on a consistent basis. You write blog posts for your site, you author articles that are published on other sites with back links. You can use social media to gain a following and provide great content.

Perform Site Analysis

You can’t determine how well your Internet marketing efforts are going if you don’t track and measure things. There are tools available to help you understand where you rank with the search engines, how much traffic is coming to your website and where that traffic is originating from. You need to do conversion analysis. Know how many people click on your offer and ultimately do what you want them to do.

If you are new to Internet marketing this list may seem a difficult one to master. With the right resources and tools you can reduce your learning curve dramatically.

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