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3 Steps to Search Engine Optimization Success

Search engine optimization is the art and science of making your web pages attractive to the search engines. Most people when the see the word search engine optimization start to panic, then they start thinking “art, science, I’m not creative enough or smart enough to ever master anything like that” They throw their hands in they and turn their pages over to some one who specializes in the field of SEO. Now while using a SEO services is a great option, and in some cases the best one. There’s no need to think that you can not carry out search engine optimization successfully on your own. Consider the following 3 steps if you would like become have search engine optimization success.

Step 1) Learn the terms and meanings.

Before you can attempt to start SEO you need to know the common terms associated with it.

Algorithms are a finite set of carefully defined instructions. Most, if not all, computer programs are designed with strict algorithms. Search engines use a set of algorithms to rank pages.

Web crawlers are tools search engines use to browse the World Wide Web in a methodical, automated manner. When web crawlers are browsing websites they are looking for algorithms.

PageRank is simply the program Google designed to search, index, and rank it registered webpage’s. PageRank operates on a link analysis algorithm. PageRank is credited for Google’s
incredible success.

Meta tags are special HTML tags that provide information to about a web page. Meta tags are written directly into the title tag and are only visible to the search engine.

Link analysis is the analysis of how pages link to each other. By doing so a search engine can both determine what a page is about and whether that page is deemed to be “important” and
thus deserving of a ranking boost.

Content analysis is a set of procedures for collecting and organizing material in order to make valid inferences about text. Search engines use content analysis in order to bring information related to a search to the user.

All these terms need be well known if you want to be successful at Step 2.

Step 2) Keyword research

Keywords are still used by every search engine to rank sites. Search Engine Optimization Success involves knowing which keywords to target and how to incorporate them into your content. Writing an article about a topic that gets little or no hits will do little or no hits. For instance “sleep deprivation” gets more hits than “sleep starvation” while you will want to use both these terms in your article, sleep deprivation will come up more thus you may want your include it more often in your material.

Step 3) Create web-crawler friendly pages

Web-crawler friendly pages are pages that are easy to locate and navigate. Web-crawler friendly pages are sites that are designed with the browser in mind first and then the search engine. They have uniq ue content, are updated frequently, easy to navigate and have a minimum load time. Have you soft sold your customers about your product? Do you even have a sales message with benefits, and offers? Look at your website from a visitors point of view, does it have these qualities. Is it an important resource for users looking for that information, or is it just a stale site that offers little or no content, is slow to load and lacks a sales

Also take a look at your Title and Meta tags. Are they “click” worthy? Do they convey exactly what your web page is about? Did you target relevant keywords? Or did you throw them together in a rushed frenzy simply to get the task out of the way.

The final step is to submit your site to search engines like Google. You might also want to submit it to human based directories and smaller search engines. Following these 3 steps will increase your chance for search engine optimization success.

Jeff Casmer is an internet marketing consultant and work at home business owner. For more information on search engines optimization please visit his “Top Ranked” Best Search Engine Optimization Products [] Directory gives you all the information you need to Earn Money on the Internet [] in the 21st century.

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